small world…

It’s been a busy weekend. Following the John Mayer debacle, we went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday. I’m fully aware that I’m a perpetual dork, but I absolutely love going there- and we had a blast. Drew and I met his friend Marshall and his wife, Steph and 4 year old daughter, Fiona there. We watched jousting and typical Scottish Highland athletics, we drank free ale, we listened to minstrels and bagpipes… (I went shopping). I was thoroughly exhausted after 8 hours of it and had a nice little sunburn as well… but it was a good day none the less.

I did, however, manage to have a knock down drag out divorce threatening fight with Drew on the way… over my driving ability. Yeah… I may have overreacted.

Oh- and also- I chopped my hair Friday afternoon. I was so sick of it… and it was hot and I never did anything but put it in a ponytail anyway… so I decided to just go with Drew when he got his hair cut and get rid of it all. 10 missing inches later I’m miserable. I feel like I look like the little Dutch boy. Drew, on the other hand, thinks I look hot. Hmm. I think the problem is that I made the mistake of going to a $14 a cut type place and so I have a very basic, blunt haircut. I need some shape and style… I’m going to have to have this m.f. redone…

I took my parents out to breakfast today for Father’s Day. I’m hoping they enjoyed it since I dropped like $85! I never really mind paying a lot of money for a meal if I feel like it was worth it… but my Eggs Jennifer were just meh… Dad seemed to be in a better mood, which is good. I was beginning to wonder if he was going to disown me or just send me pissy e-mails until Christmas.

My most interesting news of the weekend, however, came from a woman named Shirley who I’ve never met before. I’ve been doing lots of family research on and apparently this woman’s mother-in-law was extremely good friends with my Uncle Mel. He actually gave Shirley away at her wedding. I thought that was very sweet- but what I find crazy/ interesting is that she actually knows more about my background than I do! She’s already sent me pictures and she will be sending all kinds of info. about my lineage soon- I can’t wait! I just think it’s so bizarre that Mel trusted her to keep his history… and actually gave her more of it than my own grandfather was able to give me! I wish he and Mel were both alive… why do you always have the important questions for people once they’re gone?


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