an exercise in creation


Random words, yes. That is the point. I decided to write down the first 10 words that popped into my mind. Over the next few days I’m going to make them into a work of some sort. A poem or essay for example. I’ve been feeling creative lately… I just haven’t been creating.

I suppose before creation is education. Here are the formal definitions of the above words:

kismet- fate; destiny
tidings- news, information, or intelligence
vociferous- crying out noisily; clamorous
mesmerize- to hypnotize, spellbind or fascinate
elation- a feeling or state of great joy or pride
pontificate- to express opinions or judgments in a dogmatic way
sonorous- rich or resonant and full of sound
serendipitous- found by accident; fortuitous
claim- to assert or demand by way of a right
sickle- an implement for cutting grain, grass, etc., consisting of a curved, hooklike blade mounted in a short handle.

Still working on that song list too. 🙂

I’m feeling better lately, as I always do. Words help. What can I say- I’m a passionate English dork. And maybe a bit of a broken poet. I just wish I could be more poet and less broken.


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