si, se puede.

yes we can.

I can’t remember any other time in my entire 30 years that I have felt so powerfully all of the following:

belief that things can be better
belief that we deserve more
desire to contribute to my community
a drive to learn
a drive to act for the good of humanity
a feeling that our leadership can be inherently good
the idea that we may not need to fear or dread our government

If one person can instill all of these things into one jaded person… how could he be the wrong candidate?

I am not exaggerating when I say that Barack Obama is a huge reason why I am currently in grad school. I find him so moving, and I am so inspired by his contribution to his community that I was overwhelmed. I had to do something. What if I help grow the future community organizers? What if I become an educated community organizer myself?

He makes me want to be a better person. He makes me want to make America the country that it was- that it can be again.

McCain isn’t a bad man. I applaud his patriotism. But I dont agree with his politics… and he doesnt move me. Sarah Palin is the creationist, the bible literalist… yet Obama is the one that makes me feel like it’s ok to believe in God again, to go back to church.

This man is the protection our country needs. No number of bombs that McCain could buy us, no series of surges into the desert that he could send, no wartime bedtime stories will ever make me feel more secure.

Only time can tell. But I have faith in the goodness of humanity, the integrity of our people and the grace of our country.

Yes, we can.


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