I’m in love…

With YOU, Fort Collins.

From the second I saw you, it felt like home.

Maybe you can help bridge the gap?

I’ll arrange a private time for you to meet with Drew. You’re so sexy, I know you’ll knock his socks off. Why… he doesnt even know you run with the New Belgium yet. That could change EVERYTHING.

Then you and I can start our hot & heavy affair. I’ll walk to work at CSU… it’ll be like it was MEANT to be…

Something just seemed right when I rolled into Fort Collins today. And seriously… I dont know if any of you will still be my friends after reading this… but remember that particular way the yellow tree looked against the dark gray sky back in Cleveland? Well, I saw it here. For the first time since I’ve been in Colorado. It was just right… I think it’s a sign.

So, F.C.- what do you say? Wanna get together? Maybe around midnight… your place… I’ll bring the Fat Tire.


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