Tricerotops and Santa.

I had a really good day today. Drew and I got breakfast burritos from Little Anitas. If you have never had breakfast burritos from Little Anita’s you are SORELY missing out. The papitas, green chile and bacon may have changed my life. Even if in a slightly fattening way. Then we came home and CLEANED!!! Oh, glory glory. Our house is in a constant state somewhere between pigsty and lets burn this mf down and start over… mostly because my lovely and adorable husband is lazy. He’s had the audacity to suggest to me on more than one occasion now that we may need a cleaning lady. To pick up after US? It makes me want to shatter plates at him. BUT. His mother (who I adore) and Guy will be flying in on Friday so all of a sudden Drew is motivated. I dont care how he gets there as long as he gets there sometimes. Anyways, following the cleaning extravaganza, Lindsay and I went to lunch (where I had some fabulous chicken salad spring rolls and edamame), shopping (where I very thoughtfully purchased some items for Drew’s stocking. I wonder if Drew has noticed that I also have a stocking? Probably not. Maybe I should paste a picture of naked boobies to it. or better yet, Jake Cutler.), and then we went to the natural history museum to catch the dinosaur exhibit. Was pretty cool. Those were some big beasties. Anyway, it was REALLY nice to have some girl time. Then I came home and Drew & I decorated the tree and put up some decorations. I was feeling a bit conflicted about the tree this year. Since we’ve changed our furniture around, I have nowhere to put a nice, full real tree. This is sheer horror in my life as I ALWAYS have real trees. It isnt Christmas without the smell of pine. BUT once we got all of the trim & ornaments on the little fakey, it isnt SO bad after all. I’m content.

So my sister-in-law posted this blog on her baby site dedicated to my awesome nephew about the fact that although SHE never wanted to “lie” to him about Santa, it is important to her husband so she has decided to allow the perpetuation of the “myth”.  Then Drew’s dad sends the following e-mail to all of us:

As usual I enjoyed your “baby-site” notes. This week was especially interesting due to your discussion of the Santa Claus Myth (lie?). According to quantum physics, and folks who are way smarter than me, whether Santa is myth or lie all depends on how you choose to look at it… Myths speak in archetypal terms about truths that cannot always be expressed in words, but that must be experienced at the emotional level of the psyche and the universal unconscious in order to be understood. It is strange how myth and quantum physics are coming together.

I am sure somehow that was brilliant. Or… crazy. But I don’t think I’ve even figured out how the words go together to make sense yet. And how does this relate to quantum physics again? I am tired, and need a bit of processing time. Wow.


2 thoughts on “Tricerotops and Santa.

  1. Christopher says:

    I beleive he was referring to the relative state formulation. If our universe is indeed infinite (or if there are an infinite number of universes) then everything that could possibly happen has happened (or will happen) in either this or another universe. So maybe there is no Santa living on our planet, but in an infanitely large universe there would statistically have to be an exact copy of our planet where everything is the same except that Santa does exist. You should watch “The Universe” on the History Channel. It’s fascinating.

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