Roasted turkey breast & cornbread stuffing

So I went back to the doctor yesterday for a followup from the initial break. I don’t quite know what I was expecting. It’s clear the bone wouldn’t have set and healed in two weeks so I knew I wouldn’t be dancing out of there. But I was hoping for more of a clear prognosis- at least an x-ray? Instead, the doctor told me that it appears to be healing well (judging from the fact that I didn’t cry while he was prodding it, I guess) and that I should continue with the half cast and crutches until I come back again in two weeks, this time for more x-rays. Oh, and he told me to take calcium supplements but not to drink milk because it’s “nature’s junk food” (wha…??). All of that plus two new ace bandages for another $50 co-pay. Excellent. So I was initially really depressed (and a bit angry) but then I decided that I’ll just go to a regular doctor (as opposed to the urgent care doc) and get a second opinion. They may very well tell me the same thing, and honestly that would be fine (I know healing takes time) but at least I wont feel like I’m being hustled for another $50 and hopefully the next doctor wont claim that milk is the devil.

That doctor DID, however, say “so how old are you? 26?27?” And that was worth at least a little bit of the $50. Maybe 15 bucks or so.

I was laying around today with my foot up (and honestly in a separate debilitating agony because of monthly cramps. Ohhh… TMI? Too bad. You signed up for this) thinking about how NOTHING has gotten done since the break. The house is in utter disarray and while I’m not the cleanest person ever, I do like at least a bit of order. Drew has definitely helped, but I’m not going to force him to be my house slave while I’m immobile. And it dawned on me that while I can’t do most of the things I normally would, I can still do some. And I forced myself up and at ’em where I cleaned the kitchen (with the help of a roll-y chair) and then I made quite a nice Sunday dinner. It didn’t make me feel physically better, and maybe not much happier per se… but it did make me feel ACCOMPLISHED. Something I haven’t felt in several weeks now.

School is back underway which means I am busy both at work and in my own academics. I’m taking a heavier course load this quarter than I have in the past which is good since I’ll be speeding up that ever elusive graduation date, but it also makes me a bit nervous as well. Especially since one of the classes in particular is going to be INTENSE (see 30 page paper as a MIDTERM among other things). I’m hoping it will get me back on more of a structured schedule though- one that while difficult, will keep my mind on the task at hand rather than anything else. And maybe then at last I’ll be out of these doldrums.


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