Today I got the most amazing news.

The doctor called and after weeks in crutches followed by months in a walking boot, I am able to wear regular shoes again! This is a huge relief and a great blessing. While the boot was heaven compared to the cast and crutches, I had developed a gouge in my shin where the boot rubbed against it every day, I had a bit of muscle atrophy and I gained (a significant amount of) weight. I am thrilled to be able to wear an actual PAIR of shoes… even stockings if I’m feeling crazy! I never realized I was a shoe person until I found myself drooling over simple flats. And EXERCISE! Oh, how I’ve missed the exhilarating feeling of being slightly out of breath! While I’m still not allowed to go running for another month or so, I’m cleared for biking, long walks and any number of other activities that I used to take for granted.

I can barely contain my excitement to appear at work tomorrow with matching feet. I celebrated tonight with dinner out and a Rocky Mountain Manhattan. I should have celebrated with a pair of Jimmy Choos. Its just that ever responsible side of me, I guess. 🙂


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