you fill my heart with gladness…

today I got this text message from my dad:

Have I told you lately, that I love you? dad

My dad is hilarious. He texts more than many of my friends and he’s even recently on Facebook. And he always signs his texts as though its an e-mail or just in case I didn’t see the top part of the message where it quite clearly states the sender. Makes me laugh every time. But this text was very sweet and very special. So I texted him back:

I love you too, dad.

To which he responded:

Sweet, Makes me feel better. It’s all good: together through life. pops

And its true. We’ve had out ups and downs. There have been times when I didn’t think we’d ever see eye to eye… but then there are times when I can’t imagine a better father and I thank God for the grace, wisdom, creativity, humor, and sensitivity he passed on to me. So yes, together through life it is.


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