compassion and my lady friends

So I totally forgot to post last night. Its for the best, I suppose. I had a particularly bad day and it likely would have been a stretch for me to post something positive. To make up for it, I will share this:

I find Karen Armstrong fascinating. Her views on religion are very appealing to me as they are centered on peace and knowledge rather than the negative stereotypes that organized religion of any kind can mean. This piece is about compassion and I think it is inspiring on many levels.

I went out after work tonight for a drink with my work friends. It was much needed and I came home a happier person. I feel very lucky to have found a group of women that I respect and admire so much, and even luckier that I get to spend every day with them. We are very different- ranging in ages from 24 to 62- all in different stages in our lives with different interests and opinions. But we make each other laugh and we find each other interesting. It is a rare thing, especially for me. I’ve spend most of my life thinking I didn’t really like most women and here are three that I adore. And it is these three women that made my life bearable when work was at its worst a few months ago. I want to make them something for Christmas this year as a way to say thank you. It is the least I can do.


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