grandmas even spoil granddogs.

So my mother in law sends Christmas gifts for our animals every year. There are always squeaky toys and chewy treats for the dogs, feathered and nip-laden items for the cat. Well this year she outdid herself. Introducing the Mr. Bill dog toy (meant for Gabe).

It even appropriately yells “oh, no!” when being chewed. To get a feel for how that went down, here is an excerpt from the thank you note I sent her:

Whats funny is that the dogs knew there were presents for them beforeI even told them. They were both so happy and excited they couldnt sit still. Now, technically you pegged them both as well. Gabe loves his soft toys with the squeaky heart (which Scarlett famously ignores) and Scarlett loves her chewy toys (i.e. rawhides). Well, this year it was a bit different. I gave Gabe his toy and he carried it around for a little while, but every time it screamed “oh, no” he got kind of freaked out. His eyes bugged out of his head and he quickly stepped away.

It was actually pretty funny. But for some reason, that really energized Scarlett and she adopted Mr. Bill. She is ENTHRALLED and it has not left her side since last night.

It all turned out well because we gave Gabe the rawhides and he is thrilled. I attached a video of Scarlett with the doll- it’s pretty funny.

She actually gets a bit more intense with it- throwing it up in the air and catching it, or just taking it with her wherever she goes… but this was all I was able to capture. So thank you very much from the both of them as well. :)Love, Jess & Drew

Unfortunately, Scarlett killed Mr. Bill today, ripping out all of his stuffing. I think she wishes she hadn’t… she’s been moping around ever since.


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