nesting. (but not the pregnant kind.)

Drew and I are re-doing our kitchen floors!

One of Drew’s friends volunteered to help us with the project and while it’s been a little scary, we’re ridiculously excited to finally have a kitchen we’re proud of, that doesn’t have to be covered up with rugs, that we can show off, that is ours. They decided to do this the right way (and by right way they meant tearing up all of the linoleum and particle board sub-floor so we had a level and clean starting point). I’m glad they did, but man. Owning an old home is HILARIOUS in that you can literally see the layers of crazy previous owners. Underneath the gouged linoleum and particle board were two more layers of linoleum, One if which in an ALLIGATOR SKIN PRINT. Can anyone tell me when that would have EVER been cool? (I can then use that time frame to gauge if Drew and his friend now have asbestos poisoning…) The pic below is of said alligator. Dont be jealous.

Anyway, phase one is over (which means I currently have torn up kitchen floors and my appliances are not exactly where they should be) but in less than a week we should be moving on to phase two: installing the new floors! YAY! After lots of debating: pergo? bamboo? tile? hardwood? new linoleum? (And maybe a few knock down drag out fights), we made a decision.


I CANT WAIT. It is really cool looking, easy to install, stays warm in the winter, wears well, and is softer, so easier on the back and knees when standing for long periods of time (like Drew, my handy dishwasher does). This is what it looks like.

Once that is finished, a HUGE weight will be lifted. And that will just leave one major thing: the living room floors. And guess what, guys? Like the Stones said, we’ve decided to PAINT IT BLACK.

I was totally of the mindset that one should NEVER paint wood floors. No matter what the circumstance, I felt it would ruin the integrity of the original home (and honestly, look REAL tacky). Drew and I spent the better part of 3 grueling days pulling up carpet and worse, LINOLEUM from the living room in hopes that we would then have beautiful hardwood floors.

Yeah… didn’t happen.

Out current floors, while they have potential, are stained with remnants of glue and paint, dingy, cracked, and broken in several spots. Even if we had them refinished (at $600 on top of having to board the dogs for 3 days) they wouldn’t nearly be perfect. Drew kept trying to convince me to paint them… and I kept thinking back to my original opinion on the matter, as well as picturing a tacky, half assed project. And then I thought, ok- maybe I’m not “seeing” this the way Drew wasn’t originally “seeing” cork for the kitchen. So I Googled it.

And OH. MY. GOD. I am excited.

So check this out:

granted the second website doesn’t show BLACK floors per se… but I think its a testament to how cool painted floors can be. So I am IN! And really happy! I love home more than ever now. And I didn’t know that was possible.


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