new direction

To those of you (the masses of three or so) that actually read this blog, note: I’ve started another one!

I will continue to keep this current blog (no damsel in distress). It is more of my personal journal. Here I am able to speak from the heart, and talk about my day to day trials and tribulations. Though I post infrequently, this blog has become like one of my limbs! I’m just not sure I’m ready for the entire world to join me. You (my faithful, invisible friends) have been all the audience I need.

The new blog is my take on a local food journal. Eating sustainably (in its many incarnations) has been a passion of mine for years now, but I could never really find the right way to tie it in to this page. Ten Blocks from Colfax will be my outlet in that regard. I am hoping to provide resources and be a voice for those looking for healthy options in the Denver area. My hope is that between these two sites, my full voice will be heard.


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