In Season Local Market

We’re having my parents over for dinner tonight and among other things, I needed some beautiful veggies for the big salad I’m making. The first place that came to mind was In Season Local Market. It’s a relatively new grocer that opened up in the Potter’s Highland neighborhood. I adore that area anyway (just a few minutes from where we live) so it’s great having yet another reason to head over!
In Season is really unique in that every single thing in the store is local. The owners (very cool people, by the way) made the decision to only sell items from within a 250 mile radius. Their motto is “if its not from here, its not in here” and they mean it!Don’t think that limits your options in this adorable shop though! They have everything from humanely raised meat to personal care products and so much more in between. They have personal relationships with their vendors and farmers and you can really see that in the quality of products that they are able to offer.

The photo below is part of their dry goods section. Here you can find things like pickled and preserved vegetables, flour, cider and apple sauce. (note the the fun stuffed “animals”! They have so much personality and are hand made by one of the employees! They’re called Horndribbles !)

One of their vendors is a company called MM Local Foods. Last time I was in, I bought a jar of their western slope peaches with honey. Anyone that knows me has heard (ad nauseum) about how peach season in Colorado alone could have made me move out here. These peaches have captured every ounce of sunshine and sweetness that I love from them during the summer. I cant wait to try more of their products.I forgot to take a picture of the meat case, but trust me when I tell you that they have an amazing variety (all kinds of cuts from grass fed beef, pork, chicken etc) and the quality is phenomenal. I made the best turkey meatloaf EVER a few weeks ago with meat, veggies and eggs I bought right here!

In Season Local Market also offers Morning Fresh Dairy milk AND yoghurt! I just tried the yoghurt (called Noosa) for the first the first time last week and I will NEVER eat anything else. I mean it. It is thick and tart with a hint of fresh fruit flavor. Incredible. This week, however, I needed some feta cheese for that salad so I bought a round of the LazEwe 2 Bar Goat herb feta. Mmm. The best thing, at least to me, is the variety and quality of fresh produce that they are able to offer even during the winter! Yes, it’s only enough to fill one refrigerator case, but in early March, that’s a LOT! I bought some gorgeous greens, herbs and even a cucumber all grown by Osage Gardens. My lettuce was picked on Wednesday. 🙂 But I was most impressed by these tomatoes:
Are they not the most gorgeous things you have ever seen? I seriously want to marry this tomato farmer. I’m sure Drew wont mind. I have a feeling they will be the stars of my salad tonight, but they’re almost too pretty to eat.

The store itself is wonderful. It is thrilling to have access to such amazing food and know that it was all ethically grown right here in Colorado. But the owners should get credit for making every experience even better. They are so friendly, open and knowledgeable about what they sell, it makes you want to come back and visit them again and again. I’ll be back next week. Maybe I’ll see you there!

In Season Local Market
3210 Wyandot Street Denver, CO


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