Rocky Plains

Most of our meat comes from Rocky Plains. They are Colorado bison farmers that formed partnerships with other local farms to be able to supply a wide variety of products. All of the meat they sell is free range, grass fed and chemical free. The animals are all treated humanely and with respect.

Because Rocky Plains is located in Dacono (about 25 minutes north of us), we generally make the trip about once a month. That way, going up there is a lot of fun (not a chore) and we just stock up on whatever we’ll need.

We’re always initially met by Sheba. She is the resident canine greeter and about the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet. You can tell she has a great life on the farm.The store itself is simple and small but full of variety. Here you will find an assortment of different cuts of bison, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, and beef. The prices are similar to what you might find at a grocery store, but the meat is much higher quality, fresher, and better for you. Everything is frozen immediately after butchering to preserve it and lock in the nutrients. This way preservatives are not necessary. The flavor also ends up being better than anything we’ve been able to purchase almost anywhere else.The store also carries fish, local cheese and eggs, raw milk shares, condiments and pet treats. Our dogs ADORE the Buff Bites liver treats.After we made our purchases (including an incredible rack of ribs that I cant wait to cook), we went outside to look around. The bison herd was out and close to the fence so we wanted to say hi. Sheba led the way:
Bison are incredible animals. Being this close to them is sort of awe inspiring. They are huge and imposing yet they appear gentle and majestic at the same time. I know it sounds crazy, but they also come off as incredibly wise. Drew and I have vast amounts of respect for them.I think one of the things that really attracts me to Rocky Plains is the obvious care and respect the farmers have for their animals. This is not a factory farm by any stretch of the imagination. These animals roam, graze, and have families. Drew and I are meat eaters. While I was a vegetarian for awhile, I don’t think I was as healthy as I am now. And honestly, we enjoy the flavor of quality meat products. But we very much respect the lives of the animals that are providing our food. We want to know that every effort was made to ensure they lived happy, painless, natural lives, that they had access to sunshine and even joy. Speaking with the owner of Rocky Plains and meeting the animals convinces me we’ve made the best choice for us here. And look at the view the herd gets every day:Here is a short video I took before we thanked them (yes, I talked to the bison) and went home:

If you’re looking for a new place to get high quality Colorado meat, this should be the first place you go. You wont be disappointed.

Rocky Plains, LLP
4022 WCR 11
Dacono, CO


One thought on “Rocky Plains

  1. -bcgw. says:

    Wow, thank you so much for such an amazing post.. it is SO reassuring to hear that there are people out there that genuinely care for animals. I am a meat eater and struggle constantly with animal welfare and have been seeking out the best options for about 5 years now because it truly matters to me how these animals are cared for, no matter how big or small, and NO matter their purpose. Thanks again, it was a delight to read your post!

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