garden progress and the Revolution

So I gave the newly planted seeds a week in the window and then checked their progress. Here are the tomatoes:
and the eggplant and peppers:
Sooo… not much is happening. I’m wondering if my window is sunny enough. Luckily they take 7-21 days to germinate so they still have plenty of time. Fingers crossed!

While researching how to build raised beds I happened upon this awesome kitchen garden planner. If you click “get started” under design your own garden, you can choose the size of your plot and then drag and drop the vegetables you intend to grow. They system will tell you how many plants you can fit into each 1×1 area, and then when they should be planted and how to care for them. I LOVE it! I found out, for instance, that eggplant needs a LOT of space so if all of my plants germinate, I’ll have WAY too many & I’ll have to give away some of the seedlings.

All of this just seems like dreaming when we’re still having occasional nights like these (and this is after most of it melted):
So along the same lines as learning to feed yourself well, chef Jamie Oliver has started a new show called Food Revolution. I remembered him from the Food Network several years ago when he created amazing yet healthy recipes and then he sort of disappeared. Apparently he had become concerned about the state of food where he lived, especially that of school lunches. He worked and campaigned for years in England to make a change within the schools and the towns. He had become the face of food politics and education. After hearing about the health problems we Americans face because of our own diets, he decided to try the same thing here that he did in England and Food Revolution was born. Drew and I watched the two hour premiere together last night and we’re in love with the idea. Jamie is facing a lot of opposition, which I can understand. He is basically telling an entire community that they are killing themselves just by living their daily lives. That would make anyone mad. But when you get past the emotion, the anger, the guilt- you learn and you make important changes. There were times I definitely identified with the community members because we also used to eat terribly. It was easy, cheap, and honestly- it tasted good. And I have to admit I was a bit annoyed when I first started doing my own research and figuring out just how BAD bad food is. But once I knew the truth, I could never allow myself to do the same things to my body again. I’m hopeful and overjoyed. And so excited to watch this town as they make the same journey that I’m on.


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