whoa…we’re half way there…whoooooah living on a prayer…

We’re officially 20 weeks today- that means half way! I know the ride is far from over, but in so many ways I feel like it just started and its crazy that we’re this far! Just 20 more weeks (or less!) and I will be able to hold my baby in my arms. I get more and more excited every day. I cant wait to meet this little person! I have so much fun daydreaming about everything- from our first glimpse of him or her to their first day of college. So much possibility! It’s amazing and daunting. And I love it. I cant wait to be a tiny family!

In slightly scary news, I’ve had some minor spotting over the past week or so. The doctor doesn’t seem overly concerned about it and seems to think I can wait until my next appointment to come in. I’m not overly concerned either especially since Munchkin Keefer has been continuously kicking me to say hello! The nurses told me to take it easy just in case- no lifting, strenuous exercise, etc. I took full advantage of that this weekend and didn’t move from the couch very much. It was the first time I relaxed like that in as long as I can remember- and I needed it. Other than that, I feel great. My energy is up, I am healthy and happy, and I adore my growing belly. Well… I feel great other than the fact that I gave myself a black eye today. You can kind of see it in the more close up version of my 20 week picture. I accidentally ran into a filing hutch that was left open near my cubicle this afternoon. I nearly knocked myself out! It’s still slightly tender, but I think my ego was bruised more than anything. 🙂
Next week we will have our big ultrasound where we will be able to find out gender. I am beside myself. It will be so awesome to finally know who I am talking to and call him/her by name! And to be able to actually plan the nursery! (and maybe buy some of those adorable clothes I keep seeing places). More than anything though, I cant wait to tell my family. They are on the edge of their seats! (though, according to my brother, it’s so that he knows whether he should be buying the child a samurai sword or throwing stars…) And then we will no longer have to address the baby by the following monikers:

1. “the baby”
2. Munchkin
3. Tadpole
4. Tondolayo Jr.
5. Strawberry
6. Kermit

Work and school have slowed down so I am hoping to focus on me and the baby for the rest of the summer. It may just be a few weeks, but I’m going to savor it!

I joined a community mom’s group a few weeks ago and it is AMAZING! Here is a news story about it that ran in 5280 quite a while back: http://www.5280.com/issues/2008/0805/feature.php?pageID=1118 . It offers options such as play dates and book clubs which I may get into more when the baby is born. But in the meantime, it has an awesome members-only website where I can search for advice on everything from which daycares are good to whether certain diapers leak. They also have a classifieds section very similar to Craigs List- but better because everyone listed is in my neighborhood (and somehow seem less shady)! It has made me feel much less alone in this process… and like I have a place to go for local parenting advice. I’m so glad I found it!


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