Wild Thing, you make my heart sing…

I think the picture above was the baby looking “pensive”. “Should I tell them…?”

Thursday was our 21 week ultrasound. Big news- our little monster is a SON! Munchkin Keefer is officially Griffin. We are simply ecstatic.

So let me back up a bit and give you the whole story. We were both so excited the night before the exam that we could barely sleep. Griffin (who was then just “baby”) must have felt the same thing as he spent hours tap dancing on my innards. Once we got to the clinic though, the process was less than smooth. First, our chart got mixed up with someone else’s so we ended up in an unfamiliar room with a new ultrasound tech. Not a huge deal, but I really like our usual tech so I was feeling just a tiny bit nervous. Then the ultrasound machine went on the fritz. It shut itself off at least twice which our (unfamiliar) tech explained NEVER happens. When we were finally up and running, “the baby” spent most of his time facing my back making it difficult to see him from the right angles. The tech had to jostle the poor kid around a bit to get him to cooperate. I think it was in the midst of this jostling that our tech told us we were having a girl! She showed us the little butt cheeks & said that if it was a boy, there would be “something else there”. We were both happy, Drew a little less so, but we sort of quietly processed our news. Something was nagging at me though. The tech had moved on & was examining other parts but for some reason I was just not convinced. I asked if she was 100% POSITIVE it was a girl. Not that we didn’t believe her, but that I had heard stories of “false positives”. The tech assured me that they had an excellent track record and that she had never made a mistake like that before, but just in case she would check. She rolled the scanner over me again and then whispered “ohhhh. my. god.” So, as it turns out, there WAS “something else there”. Yep, our little boy spent about 5 minutes as our little girl. The tech apologized profusely and was horribly embarrassed. Drew was too excited to be upset and I know how difficult her job must be so I couldn’t fault her either. It was quite a roller coaster ride and I’ll admit that for a few minutes I wasn’t sure what I felt. But here’s what I know now:

I am head over heels in love with my son. And this is EXACTLY the way it was meant to happen.

I mean, look at this kid. He is flashing a PEACE SIGN. IN UTERO. This is after a thumbs up & a fist pump at 12 weeks. He’s a bad ass already! The more I think about it, the more excited I get. I always wanted to raise boys and here is my chance. It’s going to be so much fun- I can hardly wait.

Since Thursday we’ve been busily planning as much as we can and I think we have the nursery figured out! I found this AWESOME poster for like $8 at Hobby Lobby. I fell in love with the colors so I’m basing the nursery around that- burnt oranges, mossy greens, tealy blues & brown shades. I also like the fact that the poster has letters & numbers without being really baby like ABCs & 123s. We got some paint chips today (various blues & greens in a no VOC brand- I’m such a good mom) and we’ll pick a color soon. Then we did some registering at Babies-R-Us and while we were there, found this bedding WAY on clearance- and it’s PERFECT! I love that the colors are all muted versions of what is in the poster- and the occasional grasshopper gives it just the teeny bit of whimsy in what will otherwise be not the most baby-ish of all nurseries.

So “baby” is our son, my tiny monster boy, Griffin. And he is already getting a fun space of his own.


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