a positive outlook

This has been another rough week. From work stress to our cat, Louise, being hospitalized and not eating… its always something, I guess.

But Griffin has been so good at keeping me grounded throughout the entire pregnancy. I just close my eyes, rub my growing Buddha belly, take a breath, and while things may not be better, I can at least process with a bit more clarity.

So I’m making a conscious decision to focus on the good.

Here is me at 24 weeks. TWENTY FOUR! That’s six months! Everyone told me that it would take a long time for the baby to get here… that we’d have “plenty of time” to figure everything out. That the weeks would actually drag along. Maybe that will be more true once I’m bigger and semi-immobile. But I knew it would fly by. And part of that is the fact that I have adored this pregnancy. First trimester exhaustion and low hormone issues aside, I have actually been incredibly lucky. My second trimester has been a blissful time- I am strong, healthy, and comfortable. I talk to my son and daydream about who he will be. I have begun planning his nursery- the tiny piece of the world he can call his own. And I have started reading all those books that I was meaning to read, guiding my outlook on my pregnancy, birth plan, and outlook on parenting. I’ve been put on “pelvic rest” for the recurring spotting issues I was having- meaning I haven’t been able to do the yoga I was hoping for- or the long soothing walks, or even working as hard “nesting” as I originally wanted. But the downtime has actually been peaceful and really good for me. We see the doctor again next week and I am hoping to be allowed back into my normal routine, but if not, it wont be the end of the world. Drew and I just talked tonight about how our excitement to meet Griffin far outweighs our (rather large) fears we have in his impending appearance. And while I look forward to nothing more than the day of his birth, I will also miss this sweet time we had together. Where I have been getting to know him quietly as he nests inside me. Griffin feels like the miracle child, the kid who was just meant to be. And he’s given me so much joy already.

He’s definitely getting bigger. While that is evidenced in my belly, I also feel its impact on my insides throughout the day. His movements have gone from tiny bubbles to all out kicks and jabs. More than once he’s punched me directly in the bladder. My brother says he’s getting me back for all the pain and suffering I caused him as a child.

My mom is planning our shower, we’re hoping for mid-November. Things have been so busy and hectic for all of us- and she has to go to Cleveland again next month to help my grandmother move- so pinning down a date has been difficult. But we’ve talked about some preliminary ideas and I’m getting excited to see everyone that can attend!

Drew and I went shopping a few weeks ago and picked out some new maternity clothes. I was really starting to look ridiculous in my regular stuff. We had a mini fashion-show and Drew kept me laughing as he yelled at me to look happy and at the dogs to just go away.One of my goals during this pregnancy is to have professional photos taken of us. Not cheesy Wal-Mart photos, but beautiful pictures of us as a couple with our growing son- that somehow capture the essence of who we are. Its especially important to me since, as you have seen, there are NO pictures of Drew on this blog. He’s my sweet husband and partner in crime so I want him to be captured with our in-utero child. I saw some great packages come up on Groupon a few months ago that I didnt jump on while I had the chance. I’m sure that since I’m looking now, they wont come up again until I’ve paid full price somewhere. I’m definitely keeping my eyes open!


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