two down…

So today is actually a really big day in the tiny life of Griffin! We are at 28 weeks- which means he has officially entered his seventh month and third trimester! I really can’t believe we’re here already. I think he has been having an in-utero celebration over it lately though because he has become INCREDIBLY active. I’m not sure if he ever sleeps anymore! Today at work I was sitting at my desk when he started break dancing for 5 minutes straight- and with enough gusto that my entire stomach was moving around & my shirt was fluttering! It was hilarious and I loved every second of it.

We had an AMAZING fall weekend this weekend. The best part was having brunch with my parents for my mom’s birthday at Duo (one of my favorite restaurants EVER) and then spending the day at the Botanic Gardens at Chatfield on Saturday. Groupon was offering Botanic Garden memberships for half off so we jumped at the idea and immediately took advantage of it. Saturday happened to be their annual Pumpkin Fest and we had a blast navigating the enormous cornfield maze, picking out pumpkins off the vine in their huge pumpkin patch, wandering around their historical farm and homestead, and eating funnel cake by the creek. We were even more excited about what a wonderful tradition this will become for Griffin!

Drew was off of work yesterday and surprised me by starting to paint the nursery! It is a GORGEOUS mossy green color that I loved on the paint chip, but I absolutely adore on the walls. It is very soothing yet cheerful. Here is Drew starting the second coat. He wanted me to be sure to mention that he is feigning excitement here since at this point he was exhausted and going on very little sleep. The room is nowhere near done, but at least it is started! I’m in full fledged nesting mode now and I cant WAIT to get it finished.

Thursday will be even busier than before for Drew as he will be taking Louise back into the vet for an evaluation of how she is doing on the feeding tube. They will likely send her back home with it for another week or two, but if her liver is back to functioning like normal, we could get lucky & have it removed! Fingers crossed!

My boss and I discussed my impending maternity leave today. She is having me start a training manual for my temporary replacement. I really think it has been this week where all of a sudden everything is sinking in. I am really having a baby! And he is coming SOON!


One thought on “two down…

  1. Galen says:

    Jess, you look amazing! I miss those days of carrying my babies around in my belly with me and feeling those kicks and punches all day. I can't believe you are in the 3rd tri already! It's SOOO close! The room is looking wonderful…keep up the good work you two.

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