giving Drew a case of the passouts

Friday we had another prenatal visit. All went well. I gained a normal amount of weight and I got to hear Griffin’s heartbeat (which although typical is always exciting for me). I met with another midwife and I liked her a lot too. The best part though was when she asked what brought us to Denver & I told her about Drew getting the job with the Sheriff department. She got all excited & asked if Drew had ever delivered a baby. I said no & she asked if I thought he would like to help deliver ours! She said that as long as it is a normal, uncomplicated delivery there are lots of roles he could take on and that she’s had lots of law enforcement/ fire/ EMT dads that LOVE doing that. I just found it hilarious given that Drew is WAY more afraid of the delivery than I am and anticipates passing out at least once during the ordeal. I just told her that I’d let him know it was an option, but not to plan on it.

Yesterday was another really busy day for us. We completely cleaned and organized Griffin’s room which meant we had to put a lot of things into storage. This led to cleaning and organizing the basement which although necessary, was not a fun job. Especially since I have developed ANOTHER cold (yes, the third since September) and I wasn’t feeling too hot anyway.

After finishing that and running a few errands, we drove up to Evergreen for some relax time. We had pizza at Beau Jo’s on the river and then we walked around to some of the shops. There is a baby and maternity consignment shop there where I found some awesome clothes including a super cute & versatile black dress for $5 and a really nice blouse for $1! Drew also found Griffin a tiny Bronco’s hoodie ($5!) and is incredibly pumped about Griffin’s “first Bronco gear”. After that we walked up to the lake and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

On the way back home, Drew bought me a gorgeous glider chair and ottoman for the nursery. I was SO excited. I’ve been keeping my eye out for rocking chairs on Craig’s List, but after months of looking, nothing seemed right and I was starting to become disillusioned. The only bad part was assembly. Although it came for the most part in one piece, we had to attach the arms. Drew does NOT have patience for assembly projects and it ended up with both of us in a bad mood to say the least. Once Drew gave up, I finished building the chair (and hanging the art in Griffin’s room) and at that point we both ended up in a great mood for the rest of the night- the room is just SO gorgeous… and right now it’s also so full of hope and possibility! I cant spend enough time in there right now!

This is the glider and some of Griffin’s bedding.

Here is a “nighttime view” of his dresser & shelf.

We found this cool license plate art at Target & thought it would look awesome in Griffin’s room along with the other poster. This way we can show him where all of his family lives all across the country! His crib will go on the same wall right under it.

Here is Drew “practicing”.

I’ve gone into panic mode about daycare. We’re on a wait list for the option we like the most (the YMCA). We have tours set up with two other places that sound great but are not taking any newborns until July. I’ll try for the DU facility, but they do a lottery and we wouldn’t find out if we were in until February, and they also don’t admit until July even if we got in. So just in case, we decided to secure a spot at the facility down the street. It is the least impressive, but also the least expensive (and no wait list!). We’re still hoping something better comes along, but at least Griffin has SOMEWHERE to go once my maternity leave is up! Drew is upset about the non-refundable deposit, but to me it’s totally worth it for the piece of mind!

We carved our pumpkins this morning. Drew carved a gryphon! I also thought mine turned out pretty cute. Scarlett liked them!Unfortunately, after just a few hours on the porch, squirrels ate the eyes out of mine! This after I threw my pumpkin scraps on the lawn for them and those went uneaten. Ungrateful vermin.


One thought on “giving Drew a case of the passouts

  1. Galen says:

    I can't tell you how sad it makes me that I'm not there with you…I miss you terribly and I want to see in person and pregnant…you're so damn cute in all your photos! LOVE YOU GIRL!

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