bigger by the day (aka 32 weeks down)

There are only two months left in this part of our journey. While I know the adventure is just beginning, I’m going to miss my little guy being with me all the time. I was thinking about that on my way home tonight- as he was gently poking me in the side to let me know he was there- this has been such an incredible experience. Something I love and treasure more than I ever thought possible. It is an amazing thing to bond with another human being on such an intimate level before even meeting them. I know there are REALLY tough times to come, but I can say already: motherhood rocks.

It totally makes up for the fact that I’ve had several REALLY uncomfortable nights. Friday was one of them. Because of back pain (that I ONLY get while sleeping!), shortness of breath (yay for squished up lungs!), and an over anxious mind, I got about 2 hours of sleep before we had to get up to tackle a busy day. It did mean that I watched the documentary Babies at 3 am which was really interesting… but it also meant that I was quite the irritable lady for the rest of the day. And that I was then too exhausted to go to a good friend’s party OR to see my cousin in from Ohio that evening. I’m really sad that I missed out on both.

We did manage to get to the Grand Opening of the Exempla Lutheran Family Birth Center on Saturday morning! This is the hospital where Griffin will be born so we were really excited to check it out. The first thing we did was take a tour. While we knew it would be nice (most labor and delivery wards are), I can’t even begin to describe how impressed we were. The lobby feels like a lodge with warm woods and stone, a pretty double sided fireplace, and a gourmet coffee shop. The family birth center itself has several comfortable waiting areas for family and friends, a media room, and a spa. But the labor and delivery rooms are what sold me. They are GORGEOUS- beautiful wood trim, picture windows with mountain views, huge bathrooms with stone tile and massive whirlpool tubs, big flat screen tvs with dvd and cd players, comfortable sleeper sofas for the “birth coach” (i.e. Drew), and even wireless internet. The rooms are incredibly high tech, but all of the medical equipment is hidden to make it feel as little like a hospital as possible. I also feel like we could not have picked a better hospital given the type of delivery I want to have- and its only 5 minutes away from home! They have the lowest Cesarean rate in Colorado, they provide a “birth plan” form for you to fill out prior to your arrival where you are able to make the decisions on everything from what pain medication you want to what you’d like the lighting to be. And they cater to women who are looking for as “natural” a childbirth as possible. The fetal monitoring is wireless allowing you to get up and move around- which they actually encourage. They provide a birthing ball in every room as well as massage if you choose to have it, and their approach is very holistic. Their philosophy is that as long as it is a safe labor and the baby is healthy, women should be able to have exactly the experience they want. Following the tour, we took several of the free classes they were offering including how to make your own baby food, raising your baby “green”, and introducing the dog to baby. I’m so glad that we went!

I spent literally ALL DAY Sunday preparing my presentation for my capstone defense. It was a grueling day, especially after all the time I had already put into the project as a whole. By 9 pm that night I was drained so when my first run through didn’t go well, I may have become a BIT emotional. Drew was incredible though and knew exactly what to say to get me to suck it up and push through it. He even helped put the finishing touches on my presentation. And it was all worth it because I defended yesterday and I ROCKED IT!! I don’t think I have ever given a better presentation in my life. I passed with honors. WOOT!! Now just to finish the class I’m currently enrolled in and I’m DONE! I knew getting my Masters would be something I’d appreciate eventually. But I don’t think I realized in the beginning how proud I’d feel after pushing through while working full time (the last part of which pregnant!) It is an experience I can’t wait to share with Griffin one day. Here is me on the day of the defense (right before we went out to celebrate)!My old boss stopped in today with a gift for Griffin. She made him a medieval-type banner with a gryphon on it! We thought it was very cool & really sweet of her. Our shower is this weekend so there is more to come! Drew’s mom comes in on Thursday & we’re really excited to see her. Friday we are having a “girls day” while Drew is at work where we will get a mani/ pedi, go shopping & do some cooking. I am SO looking forward to it!


2 thoughts on “bigger by the day (aka 32 weeks down)

  1. Anonymous says:

    A “gryphon”??? Isn't that a mythological creature? Like half lion…half…something. Half bird? Yeah. Bird. Did you know it is a mythological creature of some kind? Yeah. A mythological creature. Half lion. And bird. Or something.

  2. Galen says:

    jess, i'm in awe of all that you have accomplished. you are an amazing woman. and you'll be an even cooler mom! you look SO beautiful in the photo above. so sorry i can't be there this weekend.

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