November Showers bring January Flowers.

I should, as we speak, be busy writing my FINAL PAPER EVER. Just this one last paper and I have officially earned my Masters. Which is why, of course, I am procrastinating by updating my journal.

This has been a spectacularly busy several days. The kind that is dizzying and draining yet mega productive. It started on Thursday morning with my most recent trip to the midwife. She kept repeating how absolutely PERFECT Griffin and I are which made me happy. She also told me that while we definitely want him to “bake” for his full 40 weeks, he’s totally viable right now! Mostly he’s just fattening up and building his lung capacity. It was heartening yet made me nervous too- he’s almost ready!

That afternoon Drew’s mom got in from Ohio and we pretty much immediately went and picked out our crib! It was an incredibly generous shower gift from her and it is PERFECT!! We ended up getting a great deal on one we hadn’t even considered before- and because it was a floor model we got to take it home with us as opposed to waiting for a special delivery. Drew and Betsy coordinated getting it home and even built it together. I cant get over how gorgeous it is- I love it more each time I see it. I cant wait to see how I fall in love with it once it’s holding Griffin!On Friday, Betsy and I had some “girl time” while Drew worked for a few hours. She treated me to a manicure/ pedicure at Tootsies in honor of completing my capstone. My nails still look perfect! Then we picked up Drew and had lunch at WaterCourse- one of my favorite restaurants in all of Denver. Its amazingly good & almost all of their food is local & organic but Drew never lets me go since its vegetarian!

Saturday was The Big Day- our shower! My parents did a wonderful job of hosting. Everything was beautiful and perfect. Lots of our Denver friends came and many of the people that couldn’t be there with us still sent amazing gifts. We spent the afternoon chatting, painting onesies, and eating some incredible food (i.e. Betsy’s spinach artichoke dip & my mom’s quesadillas and stuffed mushrooms). Drew and I (or, maybe I should say Griffin) made out like bandits. We couldn’t believe all of the wonderful things we are now able to provide for our son. We are very, very lucky. The highlight of the gift opening was the package from my brother. It was suspiciously duct taped. After several minutes of untaping what we discovered was a Cheese-Its box, we found a bottle of beer labeled “baby juice” and a Motorhead onesie. He always said he didn’t want my kid to be a “pussy”. Now he’s not for sure! He also gave us a separate (and incredibly generous) gift to go with it, but that box was definitely the hit of the party.

Sunday was a day of errands which led to perhaps the most exciting part of the weekend- Once Upon a Child! Betsy suggested consignment shopping and I love a good deal so I was all over that idea. We found this store (which is, apparently, a chain and also exists in Ohio) and I got an armful of adorable, nearly new clothes for $20! VERY exciting! We also stopped at Old Navy where we found a few more cute items and at Babies-R-Us where we bought the play yard/ bassinet combo that we’ll keep in our room for Griffin to sleep in during his first few months.

Although we got a TON accomplished (we now feel like we’re actually ready for Griffin to come!) it was also REALLY exhausting. I slept like the dead on Sunday night and was still not quite ready for work on Monday morning. Then today was my work shower and potluck!! I work with some INCREDIBLE women and I cant even explain the spread they put out today. I ate until I thought I would pop and each dish was more delicious than the one before it. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, the theme of the shower was “Baby Bookworm” so everyone got me a book. They were awesome and ranged from cardboard baby books to larger, beautifully illustrated children’s books. It was interesting to see which books meant the most to each person and why. I got several copies of Goodnight, Gorilla so it must be a good one! Jacqui gave me Guess How Much I Love You which makes me cry every time. One of my students gave me Gregory, the Picky Eater based on all of the stories I’ve told about Drew! And I just read Bad Kitty which was HILARIOUS. I cant wait to read them all.

While I was at work, Drew did some awesome things around the house. He fixed a broken outlet, cleaned out and organized both of the downstairs closets and did some more re-arranging in the basement including getting baskets to separate our dirty laundry. He’s nesting! I think its adorable. I told him that I think I’m ready to have his babies.

Tomorrow I was supposed to visit another daycare but I totally forgot that I have class so I’ll have to reschedule. I’m bummed because I was really excited about this one. We’re one step closer to the weekend though. Thank god- I need a rest!


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