Sleep Deprivation (frustration)

I thought I was over the whole insomniac thing. My nighttime back pain seemed to have gone away and I haven’t had heartburn in weeks. I’m getting to the size where it’s difficult to change positions, but once I get comfortable I’m usually set for the night. Yet here I am at 1:30 am (up since 11) typing away. I can’t figure it out- I feel fine & I’m not worried about anything. Maybe I’m just dreading the end of the long weekend so much my body is subconsciously demanding that I continue to enjoy as much of it as possible before the return to work tomorrow (today).

In fun news, we found out that our friends we went to the football game with are expecting! We are thrilled for them- and for us! It will be so nice to have friends going through a similar phase in their lives and since our kids will only be 7 months apart, they will be able to play together! They are also planning on a natural childbirth so it is AWESOME to have someone else out there who doesn’t think I’m insane!

I got a new night stand yesterday. I know it doesn’t exactly seem worth mentioning, but I am excited because it replaces the GIANT end table that we used to have there & now gives me much more space for the play yard/ bassinet that Griffin will be sleeping in his first few months. I have every intention of nursing him and I hope it works out because I am really excited to just be able to roll over & grab him in the middle of the night when he needs to be fed as opposed to going all the way downstairs in the cold winter night to make him a bottle.

I’ve been wondering when the little boy will actually show up. His due date is January 5th, but I’ve been reading that most first babies are late, averaging up to a week past their due dates! All I care about is that he avoids all of the holidays. I really want him to be able to have a day all his own. And I’d love to not have to go back to work following winter break although since that ends January 3, a few days at least seems inevitable. Other than that, I don’t think I’d mind him coming a little late… If he does, 1/11/11 seems like a cool day to be born! We’ll see what he’s got in mind!

Now I’m off to try to get in a little bit of sleep before we’re back to the grind!


3 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation (frustration)

  1. Bex says:

    Sorry sweetie, but if you're anything like me it'll be this way til the bitter end. They say it's nature preparing you for sleepless nights. Which I totally don't get. Why prepare for sleepless nights with…sleepless nights? Seems stupid to me, but then nature never listens to me anyway (read: Jack). I was surfing the net through the wee hours until the day I gave birth. Ah well. But just think…you're almost there!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The day I went into labor, I had been up since 1:00 in the morning because I couldn't sleep. I went into labor at 3:00am and had Charlotte at 12:38am the following day, with maybe a 1 hr nap. Margot

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