another busy weekend

This weekend marked the first of the final four we have prior to Griffin’s due date. Putting it in those terms really keeps me focused on everything we have to do prior to his arrival. This weekend was actually awesome. We got a ton accomplished and we also managed to have some fun.

Saturday was our childbirth preparation class. It was wonderful and I’m so glad we went. I feel way more prepared than I did beforehand. I think the fact that both of us now have a clear idea of what will happen throughout the process put us at ease. As opposed to the doula that taught our pain management class, it was clear that the nurse teaching this class had MUCH different opinions on induction, consistent monitoring/ intervention, and medication than I have- but I actually thought that was great. I’ve seen both sides of the coin, heard all of the information, and I can say that every decision we make is based on all of the facts! The other good thing is that if something happens beyond my control that causes me to deviate from my birth plan, I know what to expect. Drew is being even more supportive now that he feels informed and he knows exactly how he will help during my labor. He keeps telling me how strong I am and how proud he is of me which is awesome and honestly a pretty major change. Before our classes he’d ask me fairly regularly if I was scared and tell me how much he thought it was going to hurt! I am getting really excited!

After our class, we went to Blossoms of Light at the Botanic Garden. I have been wanting to do this for YEARS, so I was thrilled. This weekend was free for members so we were happy about the deal. Unfortunately, I think EVERY member had the same idea and it was insanely crowded- which meant there were a few annoying moments. Luckily the lights were INCREDIBLE which made up for the crowds, and now we know for the future to go during a less busy time! I do think it would be a great place to take Griffin in the future- the setting is magical and is interspersed with carolers, vendors selling hot cocoa, mulled cider, and roasted nuts, and people making ice sculptures. Crowds or not, it put me into a ridiculously good mood.

Today we got lots of work done around the house. We cleaned and organized (my tupperware cabinet is no longer a hazard!) and I spent several hours cooking. I made spinach and cheese lasagna, sausage spaghetti sauce, and macaroni & cheese from scratch. Everything is currently cooling and setting in the fridge and I’ll pack everything up to be frozen tomorrow. Next weekend will be beef stew, chicken and rice soup, and one more recipe yet to be determined. At least we’ll eat well in the weeks after Griffin is born! Of course this means that I am now insanely exhausted and I cant wait to crawl into bed!

But my favorite parts of the weekend were spent snuggling with Drew under the blankets watching tv. It was incredibly relaxing and Drew got to feel Griffin constantly dance against my stomach and ribcage. The bigger he gets, the more adamant he is that we pay attention to him. At this point, he’s impossible to miss!

Tomorrow Drew’s Uncle Andy and his wife will be here on their way across country with a U-Haul apparently full with a hippopotamus and maybe a crocodile or something that have been stuffed following an African hunting safari. We’re meeting them for dinner and are really excited to see them- and at least there will be lots to talk about!


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