turn around, bright eyes…

Last week my midwife did a routine check for group B strep. It is, apparently, very common in women although most never even know they have it- it only becomes dangerous if transmitted to an infant during birth. I was nervous about it because the treatment is IV antibiotics during labor and I am trying to avoid being “hooked up” to anything as much as possible. My next appointment was this morning though and I found out that I tested negative for it! That was a big relief. Everything else looks really good- we continue to be right on target as far as weight, size and heartbeat. Griffin is still in head down position which is good, but the midwife said he’s currently facing the wrong way (he is right posterior which means he is halfway facing my front- a position that could lead to a bit more of a difficult and painful labor). He could very well flip over on his own, but just in case she gave me some gentle exercises to do a few times a day to encourage him to move. Roll over, little guy! Mama does not want to deal with back labor!


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