Scarlett, Dog Psychic

If the dog is any indication, then I will be going into labor soon. Granted, “soon” is subjective, and we are talking about the actions of a hyper-sensitive, if not slightly neurotic cattle dog. But Scarlett knows something is up and she will NOT leave my side. She greets me at the door when I get home, hovers at my feet while I make dinner, tries to crawl in my lap while I fold laundry, and sleeps through the night curled into my side. She’s being very protective and I have to believe that it’s because Griffin is *fairly* imminent. Either that or she’s just cold and she doesn’t know how to tell me to buy her a sweater. Here she is barely visible over my enormous belly.

One of my friends told me the last month of pregnancy was the hardest. At the time I was only midway through the blissful second trimester and I didn’t believe her. But MAN, was she right. The weight I am carrying around now winds me after the slightest bit of exercise. At the end of the day, my feet and back are throbbing. Every time I walk, Griffin’s head bounces against my bladder. I can barely bend over at all and I am ALWAYS tired. I have constant heartburn and my hips feel like they’re going to shatter. I think what makes it worse than the first trimester exhaustion is that the end is so close but so far away. He could be here tomorrow, yet he’s being elusive. I want to allow him all the time he needs, but in the back of my head I’m thinking “but you ARE full term, sooo… any day now, buddy”. It’s still not HORRIBLE and I know I’m still very lucky compared to what a lot of women go through. I just know I have a really tough day ahead of me at some point soon and the longer this goes on, the bigger and more exhausted I get. I’ll still find the strength when the time comes, it’s just been easier to complain lately than usual. We’re at 38 weeks on the nose today and the “typical” range for births is 38-42 weeks (with 40, or the due date, being the average). I’m hoping Scarlett is right on this one!

I figure the last few weeks are tough so that I don’t miss him quite so much when he’s born & not with me everywhere I go anymore. 🙂


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