40 weeks (and how Jess catches a break)

This has been a rough couple of days already. We’re at 40 weeks and Griffin hasn’t shown a single sign that he intends to emerge. This has left me INCREDIBLY exhausted- both from the fact that I’m carrying a rather large child around my waist 24 hours a day and the fact that general discomfort has prevented me from sleeping for more than a few hours a night. Work has been stressful too as I came back from break to a huge deadline, several projects, (and 240 e-mails in my inbox). Then, on top of everything else, our washer and dryer died (just as we’re expecting a poopy newborn). I may have had a minor panic attack about it all this morning.

I sent Drew out this morning with a certain budget to try and find a good deal on dryers. Since we’re about to drop a LOT of money on our labor and delivery co-pay followed immediately by an arm and a leg for daycare, I didnt think we could afford both appliances right now. When I came home from work today, Drew was tinkering in the basement and I found a beautiful matching Maytag washer and dryer! Apparently, Drew got a REALLY great deal on them, we had our Christmas Home Depot gift certificate from Uncle Rory and then Betsy contributed toward the washer as my birthday/ graduation present (thank you)! We’ve never had a brand new washer and dryer before so this was VERY exciting! In order to take advantage of the pricing while keeping it a surprise, Drew had to get rid of the old appliances and then get the new ones into the basement on his own. This was a huge process but luckily he found a very cool neighbor to help him out. By the time I got home, the washer was ready to go and the dryer just needed to have the electric cord installed. Awesome!!

Now, I say the dryer “just needed to have the electric cord installed”, but what I should have said was “this was the moment I almost lost my husband” and was the most terrifying part of the day. Apparently brand new dryers have different possibilities as far as electric connections and you have to install the appropriate electric cord on your own. We’ve never done anything like that before and while it seemed rather simple, it meant going out to buy the right cord and then making sure we painstakingly followed the directions. (by the way- have I ever mentioned that my biggest fear in life is house fire??). When we were just about ready to install it, I was reading the directions for the fifth time while Drew without thinking decided he was going to “test” the cord we bought to make sure it was the right size/ prong shape by plugging it in to the mega-outlet before it was screwed into the dryer. All I saw was a white fireball out of the corner of my eye and Drew jump away as he basically created a live wire. I don’t know how he managed to avoid severe injury (and death to tell you the truth) but for a split second I saw Drew’s life flash before my eyes. Drew’s hair was standing on end and his fingers tingled. And then, of course, I burst into tears. He actually semi-melted the wire so we needed to buy a new one. I spent the rest of the process freaking out and was not able to relax until I saw the finished product with my own eyes. The dryer does work (I have my first load of dry clothes to prove it), the house did not catch on fire, and my wonderful husband is still alive (thank god). So Drew’s near death experience aside, it was a wonderful surprise and will actually make the coming months much easier!
I have our 40 week appointment with the midwife tomorrow morning. Hopefully there will be good news & I’ll find out Griffin will be coming soon!

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