Hey, Griffin! Did you get the memo? It’s your due date!

So today is Griffin’s due date and apparently no one has told him that he should work on packing his bags and traveling to the outside. The day has come and (pretty much) gone with nary a twinge. I even ate super spicy tacos for dinner to try to encourage his exit, and nothing. So I followed that up with my weight in cookies too make myself feel better.

I had my 40 week midwife appointment today and there was bad news and good news. The bad news is we went ahead and checked for dilation and effacement and I am not dilated AT ALL. I was very disappointed. Granted, dilation is one of those things that could happen out of nowhere, but it still seemed like one more sign that Griffin is taking his sweet old time. The good news is that I am partially effaced, Griffin’s position is perfect, and I have lost 2 pounds since last week which is, apparently, really common in women at the very end of their pregnancies. Basically, it could still happen any day. My next appointment is scheduled for next Wednesday (the 12th- which sounds CRAZY) and if I am still pregnant by then, we will have an ultrasound to make sure my womb is still “hospitable” and that he’s ok… and following that we’d have to start discussing induction. She seems to think I wont make it to that appointment though and I sure hope not too. Fingers crossed!

I have to keep in mind that even though its disappointing he’s not here yet, it’s also not abnormal! Babies take up to 42 weeks to come to term! The due date is just an average! The midwife said today that everything is 100% perfect. I’m trusting her! As long as he stays healthy and I don’t have to be induced, I’m happy. I’m just SO ready to meet him now!


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