the makings of an incredible weekend

I am convinced Griffin will be born tomorrow. I have no concrete evidence to support that, other than a gut feeling that this is bound to be an incredible weekend. I’m sure I’m just setting myself up for more disappointment as we launch into another work week on Monday, but I am holding on to the hope.

It has already started out really well though. On Thursday one of my former classmates brought me a HUGE bag of brand new baby gear. She used to be in baby accessory design so I’m completely stocked up on shoes, socks, bathing suits, sunglasses, even soft covers to go over car seat straps. It was really, really thoughtful of her. Then later that afternoon my boss bought me a chocolate milkshake. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for some reason it was EXACTLY what I needed at that moment- I was hot, tired, irritable (and, oddly, craving chocolate) so it was perfect! Not to mention a really nice gesture on the part of my boss!

Last night Drew and I went out for what could potentially be our last date night in a REALLY long time! We went out to dinner (I ate really spicy Chinese food in hopes of getting this labor going!) and then we went to see a movie (True Grit). We had a blast and stayed out way later than we’re used to these days. For some reason I got the giggles on the way home and was so hysterical I could barely breathe. I think that amped me up even more because I couldn’t fall asleep until well after midnight!

This morning Drew and I laid around in bed until almost 9 am which is nearly unheard of for us and felt absolutely luxurious. Then, the day took what could have been a turn for the worse. On our way back from some errands, we noticed the car making some really crazy sounds. I panicked- the last thing we need right now are major car repairs. So we dropped it off with our local mechanic (who I adore, by the way) and when he called a few hours later it was to say that it was a really simple fix (apparently part of the plastic undercarriage had pulled away & was rubbing against the tire) and that he took care of it for free! Hooray! So things are definitely looking up! Later on I’m going to experiment with some new kinds of bread in the bread maker and Drew and I are planning on taking a long walk in hopes of getting Griffin to come out and to enjoy the beautiful weather. Currently, I’m drinking raspberry leaf tea and enjoying my couch. But mostly we’re just relaxed and happy and REALLY excited about what the next few hours (or days) hold!


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