day one as the temporary stay-at-home mom

Drew returned to work from his family leave yesterday so it was my first day all alone with the boy. Early on, I was really nervous about this day coming but I gained more and more confidence as I started to physically return to myself. By the time Drew was getting ready for work, I was really sad to see him go because I’d miss him so much, but I knew that I’d be just fine. And I was.

I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t a demanding and exhausting day. Griffin had a few tantrums, refused to nap, and I changed more diapers than I thought was possible. But he did spend some time with me really smiley and alert. And I did manage to find time to shower, do laundry and dishes, visit with my mom and my brother, and even make dinner and bake cupcakes for my Valentine. I felt very accomplished even if I did crawl into bed before 8.

Griffin and I will continue to figure each other out so our days will only get easier. It depresses me to know the next two months will fly by and I’ll be back to work before I know it too. Drew and I both lament the idea of daycare daily. It is not how we want Griffin to be raised, especially now, but we don’t have a choice. Because of that, I need to remember to appreciate every second I have home with my son while I have it because we’ll never have this kind of time together again.


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