two months!

It is hard to believe that it has been more than eight weeks now since the afternoon our son was born. In some ways it seems like it was yesterday and in others it seems like he has been with us forever. Either way, somehow we are able to adore him more every minute. Just last night Griffin looked at me in a particular way, his eyes just locked with mine, and it almost took my breath away. I looked at Drew and said “I just love him so much…” and Drew said “I know- so much it hurts”. And it’s true. I don’t think we ever understood this kind of love before Griffin was born. And those feelings have only made us love each other more. It is an incredible thing.

Our two month old is learning and growing by leaps and bounds. He hasn’t been weighed by a doctor recently, but my at home scale estimates him to be a little over 10 pounds. He’s much longer too and he’s already grown out of some of his newborn clothes! His non-stop eating phase is over (thank god) and he’s back to his regular schedule. In fact, he’s been taking enough in the past two nights that I’ve gotten an extra hour of sleep between feedings! Hooray! His mood is also evening out and he’s been back to his sweet self the past several days. This includes constant smiles (though they’re nearly impossible to capture on camera) and Drew thinks he heard his first laugh yesterday morning! Griffin definitely recognizes voices and faces now- at least those of Drew and I. He’s also become enamored with hanging toys. He has zoo animals that hang over his bassinet and farm animals that hang over his vibrating chair and both make him laugh, kick, and coo. It is adorable.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news on the daycare front. Griffin is enrolled at the nice daycare up north beginning in May. We really need daycare starting in mid-April when I go back to work so they said they’d see if they could squeeze us in. I just found out today that they’re completely booked solid which means Griffin will have to go to the creepy daycare down the street for a few weeks. I know that between starting mid-month and the fact that Drew has Tuesdays off, he’ll really only be there a total of 10 days or so… but it is not the way I am comfortable with starting off my separation from him. I’m already feeling some anxiety about it. *sigh*.

I’ll leave you with some videos of Griffin. This one is over a month old- I can’t believe how much bigger he is already! But he is making some hilarious faces so I had to share:

This one features Griffin entranced with his light up mobile. He also happens to be wearing his Leisure Suit Larry outfit:
And then this last one is recent and shows just what a cutie pie he is (if you can get over the fact that I was singing to him. Cut me some slack- we were all jamming out to my iPod while making dinner).


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