Griffin’s Awesome Day

Griffin and I both love when Drew is home. We miss him constantly and it is WAY easier and more fun when there are two of us parenting. Plus we get to do more fun things together when he’s not at work!

Tuesdays are Drew’s regular day off and we really took advantage of it today- I think it was Griffin’s most exciting day yet! A new breakfast restaurant just opened up a few blocks away from us and we decided to check it out.

The food was great (I had this amazing veggie hash) and the ambiance was cool as it was right across the lake with a great view of downtown.

Then we took Griffin on his very first  trip to the zoo! He was super good and we had such a good time walking around with him.

We rode the merry- go-round:

We took the train:

And Drew carried him around in the Bjorn:

On the way home from the zoo, we stopped at Drew’s favorite Mexican spot for lunch & Griffin got to sit at the table like a big kid! (I thought it looked hilarious):

Now Griffin is taking a nap before we spend the rest of the day watching movies. Perfect day! Too bad Drew has to go back to work tomorrow…


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