The Luck O’ the Irish

Today was Griffin’s first St. Patrick’s Day! We celebrated with homemade corned beef with potatoes and cabbage, homemade Irish soda bread, Harp beer, and brownies topped with mint chocolate ice cream for dessert! Griffin’s t-shirt says Mom’s Lil’ Irishman and was really big on him so he’ll be able to wear it again next year (it was only 4.99, so totally worth it!)

Griffin was an angel today and stayed in a great mood as he helped me make dinner and clean the house. I have made two awesome discoveries: 1. the Baby Bjorn is an INCREDIBLE invention. This was a gift from Drew’s sister, Cory and brother-in-law, Steve. Cory told me when she gave it to us that this was the one item she could not have lived without when her son was a baby. We tried it out a few times when Griffin was first home, but he wouldn’t cooperate. We tried it again recently and now he LOVES it! I think he’s big enough now where he can see out the top and sides to keep himself entertained. It is a LIFE CHANGER for me though. I am finally no longer at the mercy of Griffin’s nap schedule (or lack thereof) and I can get around to do what I need around the house. Then 2. Griffin thinks it is hilarious when I fold laundry. He will actually sit still in his chair and grin from ear to ear the entire time I do it. I think he must just find the different colored pieces of cloth interesting. Works for me!
We got wonderful news today! The daycare up north called to say they have a spot for Griffin in April after all! I am beyond thrilled. This means we will get to avoid the creepy daycare altogether. Losing our deposit on that place is totally worth it for the piece of mind! We have an appointment with them the Tuesday before he starts to go over all the specifics and fill out his paperwork. I’d be excited about it if I wasn’t so sad about letting him go!
We also heard back from the minister of the Congregational Church and she has agreed to baptize Griffin! We’re not 100% on the specifics yet, but we think it will be the evening of Easter Eve. Apparently they have a really beautiful service that night that is perfect for baptisms. We have also decided to become members! We will attend their membership retreat in May (and they provide childcare- HUGE bonus!).  We are both oddly excited about the whole business. It will be really great to be part of their community!

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