Griffin the Brave

Today was Griffin’s two month well visit at the pediatrician. They checked out every inch of him and he is growing and advancing by leaps and bounds! He now weighs a whopping 10 pounds 10 ounces and is 23 inches long. This is exactly the type of growth expected for his age. The nurse commented on how pretty Griffin’s eyes are and said they are a very interesting color. We told her we’re hoping they stay that way and she said there is a chance! We also got some ideas for how to deal with his gas issues, refusal to nap, and general crankiness. We’ll see how it goes! We were then told that he is advanced in his motor skills and that he will most likely be turning over way ahead of schedule! I KNEW he was a genius! (I don’t know how ready we are to have him be mobile though!)

The part that makes us a bit nervous is his heart murmur. We found out he had one at his one month visit but the nurse assured us it was super common and nothing to worry about. Apparently today it was a bit louder. We were still told it was *probably* nothing, but that he is being referred to a cardiologist to be sure. The worst part is that because of the time it takes to get the referral, have the doctor work with our insurance, and get an appointment, it will likely be a month or two before we know anything. I am sure Griffin is fine, but it is so easy to imagine the worst when it is so long before we have answers!

The final part of his appointment were his vaccinations and those broke my heart. Griffin was being SO sweet at the doctor’s office, grinning the whole time and charming the pants off of everyone. When the nurse came to give him his shots, he gave her his best smile… which immediately faded into shock, pain and terror. She was really good so it was over fast and I was holding him before he knew it. He was EXTREMELY brave and calmed down very quickly- but I was left feeling guilty. I know he NEEDS the vaccines, and that they are protecting him- but I wish there was a way for me to explain why we would let someone hurt him!

He was a TOTAL angel the rest of the day. I was actually shocked as I expected the ordeal and reaction to the vaccines to make him crabby. Instead he spent his time napping and/ or cooing at us lovingly. He is seriously the best kid ever. *swoon*


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