good news must also come in threes

This morning Griffin had his cardiologist appointment. Though I tried to keep cool, I was terrified. Especially when they hooked him up to the EKG and then asked me if anyone in our family had ever “dropped dead at 20” following physical activity. But the exam revealed that he’s totally healthy and his heart is completely normal! He does have what is called an “innocent murmur” which is basically just the sound of blood flowing to various parts of his body and does not actually have anything to do with his heart at all. It may come and go throughout his life but will never affect his health. Hooray!! HUGE relief.

Then this afternoon, I got a call from the YMCA regarding the wait list. We’re in for April!!!! I can’t believe how well that ended up working out. We ADORE that center and he will only be 5 minutes away from me while I am at work. We are thrilled! I do feel a bit guilty about having to turn down the other center because they really were great… but this will be SO much more convenient and a great fit!

A LOT of happiness in our house lately!


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