six years

This weekend Drew and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. My parents generously watched Griffin while Drew and I went out on the town. We had a long, lovely dinner at Texas de Brazil with some of the most incredible food I’ve had in a long time, a beautiful bottle of malbec, a scrumptious dessert and actual alone time! It was a perfect evening. We talked about how long ago six years seems, yet somehow just like yesterday. And how we were such different people- if anyone would have told us then what our lives would be like now, we never would have believed them. How amazingly lucky we are.

After dinner we were tired (ok- maybe I wasn’t used to having that second glass of wine) so we went to pick up Griffin, only to find out that he had napped the ENTIRE time! My parents were so disappointed, so we woke him up (it was time for his dinner anyway) and hung out for a bit before going home. My parents said they’d love to take him again any time, so we’ll take them up on that sometime soon!

Drew and I have managed to grow together over the years as opposed to apart as some couples do. We have fallen even more in love and have become even stronger partners. Griffin has only strengthened that bond. When I look at them, my new and growing family, I am overcome by sheer joy and gratitude. I know that because of them, I am my full self, my true potential. Forgive me for sounding trite, but I am blessed. This is the proof that life is more than simply chance.


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