the (second) best mother’s day ever

On Mother’s Day one year ago, after a sunshine filled bike ride along the Platte River, and after two years of trying, we found out I was pregnant. It was one of the best days of my life and I’m not sure there will ever be a Mother’s Day that can top that. That being said, Griffin and Drew worked together to come AWFULLY close with this year’s celebration.

I got my first gift on Friday when I went to pick Griffin up from daycare. Apparently his teachers got him to finger paint and helped him make me this card:

My heart grew so much with this first artistic attempt and I love it more than anything. I have put it in safekeeping so that I can add it to his baby book.

After that, Drew gave me a vintage Ohio University t-shirt! I had been missing Athens and I barely have any OU gear. GO BOBCATS!!

On Saturday, Drew (and Griffin) took me to EcoPolitan, a local green baby store and got me some SUPER cool re-usable sandwich bags and a diaper bag I had been coveting.

the organizational capabilities of this bag are AMAZING.

They are AWESOME. I was NOT expecting that!

Then on Mother’s Day itself, I woke up to this:

the quote says “Mother, you’ve given me two things. One is roots and the other is wings.”

Drew and Griffin finger painted together for HOURS getting this just right and I ADORE it. It is the tree of life with a gryphon perched in the branches. The trunk is made of Griffin’s footprints and the leaves are both Drew and Griffin’s finger prints. It also has a triple spiral, the celtic symbol for “mother”, or the triple goddess. I’ve been wearing a necklace with that symbol for years and it means a lot to me. In the bottom left are the mountains symbolizing home and on the bottom right is Griffin’s little handprint. It is sweet and perfect and is already hanging on the wall of our bedroom.

We went to a wonderful breakfast at one of our favorite places (where Griffin didn’t even make so much as a peep!) and then we went to one of my favorite places in all of Denver, the Botanic Garden.

It was a GORGEOUS day and everything was starting to bloom. I was in heaven and even Griffin really seemed to enjoy himself! Unfortunately, Drew had woken up with an ear ache and it only got worse throughout the day. By the time we were walking through the park he was in pretty significant pain so we had to leave early.

When we got home, Drew went to urgent care where he found out that he has an ear infection. The pain got worse and he was out of commission through the rest of the day. He was so worried about the fact that he may have “ruined” my Mother’s Day… but even if he and Griffin hadn’t spoiled me as much as they did, it still would have been an amazing day knowing how loved I am!

Speaking of which, I think that this was the best gift I got of all:

It is so creative, personal, and from the heart. It made me cry! I am SUCH a proud and lucky woman. My home is so full of warmth and happiness and my boys are everything I could ever want!


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