On the Mend

I haven’t posted much lately because things have been crazy at home. Drew’s ear infection kept him miserable and sedentary which left me dealing with a sick baby and all of our other responsibilities alone. I felt so bad for my boys, but I was EXHAUSTED. Luckily, it seems they have both turned a corner recently. While Drew’s ear issues aren’t over, he’s in far less pain and he’s starting to be able to hear a bit better. And while Griffin’s cold isn’t entirely gone, he’s much less congested and he’s waking up less and less in the night. Of course I’ve just caught another cold, but I don’t even care. As long as the boys get healthy, life is good.

Griffin’s four month check up was on Thursday and it went really well. His doctor and nurses adore him and he spends all his time trying to impress them with his smiles, coos and excited kicking. His doctor says he’s quite the charmer- and it’s true! The doctor also told me that Griffin is absolutely perfect & there isn’t a thing he would change about him! He weighs 14 lbs 12 oz right now which is in the 45th percentile and he is 24.5 inches long which is in the 40th percentile, although the doctor said what matters most is not the percentiles because those can change so much from appointment to appointment, rather the overall rate of growth and he is right on target! We were also told that he’s ready to start solid food! His main food source will still be breast milk for several more months, but the doctor said that now is the time to get him used to all kinds of flavors and textures. In fact, he said it’s a myth that babies have to stick to rice cereal for any length of time and we can start feeding him a few tablespoons here and there of any kind of stage 1 baby food we want. We’re going to start with rice cereal first since we have it in the house, but I’m also going to make my own baby food this weekend! I’m SO excited! Of course at the end he had his second round of shots which didn’t go over very well, but at least it was over fast!

In exciting news around the ‘hood, Edgewater is starting it’s own farmers market!! It will be just down the street from us on Thursday nights. I am THRILLED. I’m sure it will be small to start with, but my hope is that it gets bigger and better each year! It will be fun to walk Griffin down there each week!


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