Bear Keefer

Today Drew & Griffin had a fun daddy & boy day at the zoo while I was at work. Drew says that Griffin really seemed to enjoy it and was especially enthralled by the giraffes. This along with the fact that he has developed a really sweet adoration of trees makes me think that he is our nature boy. Maybe he’ll be the next Jack Hannah or Bear Grylls. Griffin and I will have a mama & boy day next Friday that I am really excited about. I’m trying to decide what we will do!

Griffin is starting to really enjoy solid food. Peas, sweet potatoes, and especially apples have all been a big hit. The only thing he’s not a huge fan of is rice cereal! He’s getting so round & I love his pudgy baby body! He is also getting ticklish and he laughs regularly when I’m changing his clothes. His laugh is so contagious that the whole family usually starts cracking up once he gets going!

And here are a couple of cute pictures:

Griffin re-discovering his feet- his favorite thing to do lately
the boys in front of Little Man ice cream. G is going to LOVE this place when he gets bigger!

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