to our boy on his half birthday

Dear Griffin,

The last time I wrote you a letter, you were still weeks away from emerging. While those weeks felt like an eternity, the months following your birth have flown by. It seems impossible, but you’re already 6 months old!

You have exceeded our hopes in every way. You are the most gorgeous, sweet, and even tempered baby I have ever known. That is not to say you don’t have tantrums or get angry (you certainly do), but when I see other kids your age, I realize how incredibly lucky we are. In all reality, the vast majority of your day is spent smiling.

You learn so quickly. It seems like yesterday you were so fragile and helpless. Now you can roll anywhere you want to go. You sit up all on your own. You grab the things you want and throw the things you don’t. You can hold your own bottle and eat solid foods. You’ve even sprouted two little teeth- pretty soon you’ll be eating the same things we do! You love story time and you’ve even started to point at the pictures. And one of your favorite things to do is grin at yourself in the mirror. You ADORE buttons, especially colorful ones- and you’ll push any of them you can get your little hands on. You’re enthralled with our cell phones, ipods, and your own bright toys. Every time you figure something else out you get so proud. Your little chest puffs out, you catch our eye, and you smile and smile. I am continually amazed by the boy you are growing into.

You were born two weeks after your due date. That¬†delay was the first sign of the sweet stubbornness we have grown to expect from you. You know exactly what you want and I can tell that if you could just speak the words you’d let us know what that is all the time. Instead, we know you are happy by your coos and purrs. We know you are really angry when you kick your legs. And your sad cries break my heart. I can tell you are going to be chatty, but that is a wonderful thing and you will fit right in with your mom and dad.

You are such a gentle boy. You lay your head on our shoulders when you want to snuggle. You pet the dog and cat with a thoughtfulness that I’d expect from a much older kid. And the thing I love the most is your passion for trees. You reach out and touch the leaves with so much care, and with such joy on your face.

Your dad and I have adopted a myriad of nicknames for you. Depending on the day, you go by Handsome Dan, Sniff, G, Griff, monster, or punkerton. I call you angel face and daddy calls you his special guy. Sometimes we think it’s funny to call you random boy names like James or Harold (you’ll find out that your dad and I have a slightly odd sense of humor). But most of the time we call you Bud, because you totally are. You fit into our family so perfectly. You’re our little dude. And there is no one we’d rather hang out with. Ever.

The past six months have been difficult yet wonderful for all of us. I tell you every night before bed that you are the best thing that ever happened to me and it is true. My life has a depth and meaning that I never knew before you came. And every struggle has a purpose. You have made me a stronger, happier, more stable person. And I’ve never seen your dad more proud. We cant wait to see what the rest of your life holds and experience all the fun along the way.

I love you so, so much.



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