the double rainbow we saw from our front porch last week

We are now 100% moved in. That does not mean we are 100% unpacked, mind you. There is an entire room in our basement that I wont even speak of right now. That is a separate post entirely entitled “HOARDERS”. BUT we have all of our belongings out of the old house and storage so we feel MUCH better. Now home is home and we wont ever have to go back and forth again! (Though back I’ll definitely go since Becky moves in on Wednesday!)

So much more has happened recently. First and foremost, Griffin has FOUR new teeth making his grand total 6! His new smile is adorable, but he’ll never hold still long enough to get a picture of them. Unfortunately, the new teeth also means a new curiosity in biting… things, people, whatever. I’m hoping that is short lived because OW.

Drew finished painting Griffin’s room and it is GORGEOUS. I think it’s my favorite room that we’ve ever done. And Griffin is just beyond thrilled to have his special curtains back!! This is currently the only space in the house that is completely done & comfortable.

the only pic I dont have is of his closet doors- painted in chalkboard paint! So cool!

Griffin has also learned a word! He says mom and mama CONSTANTLY. I’m not sure if he really understands that means me as much as he knows he gets a reaction and/ or what he wants. While he’ll look at me with his arms outstretched and say “mama”, he’ll also look adoringly at his baby food and say “mama” or moan wistfully “moooommmm” when I put him down for a nap. Regardless, it’s pretty cute (unless he’s whining).

Griffin also spends MUCH more time with our cat, Louise, now that we’re in a different house where she can co-exist with us! He LOVES her and is always trying to pet her. While he isnt very gentle, Louise still tolerates it so well and she seems to revel in the attention. Of course he still adores Scarlett too, in fact, she seems to be the only “person” that can still make him smile when he’s throwing a tantrum!

Things are coming together slowly. I cant wait until everything is clean, put away, and we can just relax. Until then I’m just trying to enjoy the process!


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