Just a quick blurb.

Griffin had an awesome day today. He stayed in a great mood instead of launching into hysterics at key points (ie when I’m trying to make his bottles, when I’m trying to take a shower, when I’m trying to get his clothes on, when I’m trying to strap him into his car seat etc etc etc). It was a wonderful break from a rough routine and it made it REALLY hard to leave that sweet, happy face and go to work!

Griffin had school pictures taken a few weeks ago and they came in today. They’re hilarious! Such a serious look about him! I meant to scan them in tonight & didn’t get a chance… I’ll do that soon.

G has also started eating some table food! So far he’s had tiny pieces of bread (which he was intrigued by), avocado (which he hated, though I think it’s because he didn’t quite have the chewing thing down) and banana (which he LOVED). I CAN’T WAIT until he’s able to eat what we do & feed himself!

And bless the technology that allows me to blog next to my sweetly snoring husband. My GOD, how do you not wake yourself up making that racket? I sure can’t sleep! 🙂


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