Crazy Monkey Boy

Griffin can no longer bear to sit still. Not even for a second. He is now man about town and is constantly crawling or “cruising”  all over the place, but especially in and near places he shouldn’t be (i.e. the spinning coffee table, the as of yet un-childproofed cabinets, etc). He thinks it is hilarious to try to flip himself off of the changing table, and he thinks he is a fish in the bath. He is so fast and athletic, there is literally no taking your eyes off of him. Life has become MUCH more difficult. But also, REALLY fun.

Here are some random recent pictures of Griff. I feel like he looks a little more like a boy and less like a baby every day.

hiking with daddy & blowing raspberries at the mountains

his HILARIOUS school picture. He just looks terrified- poor kid.
looking cute for spirit day
a rare smile during our family picture session

He’s honestly a super happy kid- all about laughing, chatting and clapping. Unfortunately, he’s usually too damn fast for me to capture anything on film. I fear he’s part Nightcrawler, what with the bamfing.

We’ve been talking about how we can see so much of ourselves in him- so he must be the perfect mix. I’ve found some pictures of Drew and I at about his age… so you can see if you agree or not.

me with grandpa Helm and a GIANT pair of plastic bloomers
me being generally adorable
Drew looking like he’d rather not be disturbed
Drew, his grandpa, & some awesome elf pants

Thank god we’re past the plastic diaper covers, right? SO attractive.

I’ll finish up by telling you about Griffin’s 9 month check up the other day. He HATED the stethoscope with a white hot hate (and decided to tell everyone about it) but couldn’t care less about his flu shot and blood test. He is 28 inches long (solidly average in the 50th percentile), weighs 18.6 pounds (poor starving baby is in the 25th percentile here. Which, actually, the doctor said is super common following growth spurts & isn’t concerned at all). So Drew is reporting all of this back to me and then goes “so… then… his head is in the 75th percentile. Yeah. So… he’s definitely got your head”. It’s ok, baby boy! It just means you’re housing a giant brain!


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