I am finally feeling normal enough to stand and eat and walk about a bit. I’m still not 100% (and poor Drew is STILL nauseous) but I was able to handle some major tasks like washing all of our linens to rid the house of these evil death germs and finishing a big project for work. I even managed to get to the store to buy us apples and chicken soup (the only things that sounded at all appetizing today). So I’ll go to bed early and go in to work tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll be a much more fun (and generally better) parent for Griffin too! Poor kid.

But this means I am also finally well enough to post about Griffin’s first Halloween! We all had a GREAT time (until Drew got sick, that is). Downtown Golden has a 50 year tradition of opening the stores on Washington Avenue to trick-or-treaters while it’s still early, and we had every intention of taking Griffin. I drove past on my way home from work and it looked like a great time. Unfortunately, Drew’s work kept him a bit later than usual so by the time we walked down there, it was over. We decided to stick around a bit and have dinner downtown anyway. Griffin looked awesome in his cowboy costume and we loved hanging out with him. When we got home, we dressed Scarlett up too and while she didnt enjoy it so much, Griffin seemed to have a blast. We lit our jack-o-lanterns, passed out some candy (almost as much as we ate) and then Drew & I watched scary movies after putting G to bed. Here are a few of the pictures.

Griff in his spooky outfit from great-grandma!

our pumpkin family (notice Drew’s badge & G’s fangs!)

rockin’ the old west

I dont think they make cowboys any cuter
goofing around with dad at dinner

the two buck-a-roos

Griffin taking star formation

the boy with his cowhand

the cowhand is VERY patient.

G wants to go for a ride

mama belongs on the ranch too

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