Even with missing two days of work, it was a LOOOONG week. We’re all feeling MUCH better (pizza for dinner, people!!) and we’re psyched to RELAX and enjoy the weekend together.

When I walked in to pick Griffin up this afternoon, he was sporting a mohawk! His teachers thought it would be funny to do something different with each of this kid’s hair. I wish I took a picture then because they just used water and by the time we got home, it was flat again. But he looked like quite the bad ass!

You may notice that I’ve been writing more lately. November is National Novel Writing Month where you write daily with a goal of 50,000 words by November 31. I had been thinking lately that I dont do much for myself anymore- all of my energy is focused on work, the house & the family. I barely even read. I decided I needed to get my spark back, get inspired, and figure out what I am going to carve time out for. While writing a novel in a month turned out to be MUCH too lofty for me right now (maybe next year!), I am taking that concept and applying it to writing in my blogs- both this one, and I’m hoping to restart my food and community centered one as well. My hope is that by writing a bit every day I will learn how to find time for myself, and I will be able to reflect on what makes me happy. While nothing makes me happier than my boys, I need to have an outlet (like Drew has video games)! So here is to a month of introspection!


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