celebrating fall

I couldnt have asked for a better day. We all woke up healthy and in a great mood (which is a huge plus in of itself!) We decided to celebrate that fact by going to breakfast at our regular place in the old neighborhood- DJ’s. While we LOVE Golden and everything it has to offer, we haven’t been back to DJ’s in months and we definitely missed it. When we got home, Griffin immediately took a nap which gave me some time to read. Laying in bed with a book in the late morning is a pleasure I definitely took for granted in my old life and I savored every second of it.

This afternoon we decided to take a drive up to Georgetown. We meandered along Clear Creek from our neighborhood all the way into the mountains and the views this time of year are gorgeous. We had lunch, visited a few shops and looked for bighorn sheep. 
Griffin REALLY wanted to try on some western gear

Daddy & G across from the AWESOME old-school candy shop!

old town

The weather turned while we were up there and it seemed to go from mid to late fall with the snap of a finger. Winter is around the corner. Damn.
When we got home, we got to video chat with Cory, Steve & William. Unfortunately, Griffin was not very cheerful for most of it (he skipped his afternoon nap) but it was good to catch up anyway. 
Griff & I played a lot this evening before bed. Here are a couple of quick videos I took of him trying to free his friend…
But I think my favorite part of the day was around noon. I took Griffin to the front door just as a big gust of wind started to blow hundreds of golden leaves off the trees. Griffin looked so surprised that we went out and sat on the rocking chair to enjoy it. We basked in the sunlight and last of the fall warmth. Griffin sat in rapt silence as leaves blew around his head and danced across the porch as we rocked together. I hope I never forget how content we both were. How his fine baby hair when caught in the sunlight matched the blowing leaves. How it smelled like earth and pine and my baby. I hope that is how I always remember fall.

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