the peak of Table Mountain

Today was another awesome day. I got up early (not used to this time change business) and made a latte & french toast with jam for breakfast. It was another beautiful day so we decided to take a hike up North Table Mountain before the Bronco game.

North Table is the flat topped mountain at the end of our street- we look up at it’s ridge from our porch or the bedroom window. It has a bit of a reputation for being a rattlesnake habitat and I had to talk Drew down from bringing his gun (explaining that if the snake was a threat, he’d be bitten before he could get a shot off… sigh. While we knew we’d get a bit of a workout, we didn’t realize that the summit trail is at an intense incline- no winding, no plateaus, just a thousand feet straight up. With a bottle of water and Griffin in the bjorn we made it at a decent pace (so what that we took two brief rests on the way up). But it was really cool to be able to look out over our neighborhood from the top and was a gorgeous panorama, it was an amazing feeling physically once we got back down, and nary a rattlesnake in sight!

the boys taking a quick breather on the way up

this is actually the peak- sort of looks like an alien wasteland

pretty excited not to be walking up hill anymore

mountaintop family portrait

prairie mesa

We decided that we’re going to try to hike North Table once a week and mix in one of our many other local mountain parks along the way. We’re hoping to get in shape to hike a 14er next summer- it WILL happen!

One of Griffin’s very favorite things in the entire world is bath time. It’s been that way since he was a tiny baby, but now that he’s bigger, he plays, squeals, and has intense splash-fests. He is the Gilded Star Sea Monster. I took a quick video of him tonight, and while cute, it’s WAY more tame than his usual baths. I think the time change was getting to him too.

In other Griff news, at his last doctor appointment, they tested his blood iron level and decided that it is now safe to transition him onto cow’s milk! We are starting out slow and he’s getting an ounce of milk in each of his bottles for a week, then we’ll up in to two ounces for a week and so on. I am SO excited to be able to get him off of formula, both for the cost savings and for health reasons! I’m torn about nursing, though I think I will still do that once or  twice a day until he is close to a year old.

Back to the grind tomorrow, but SO thrilled that we had such an wonderful weekend!


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