We had a super social day today! First, I went to coffee with my friend, Jacqui. She was a really good friend of mine at DU and I don’t get to see her nearly as much as I’d like to anymore. It was so good to catch up on everything AND she was so impressed by Golden, she is considering moving here! Yay! Then this evening, my friends Kate & Letty came over for dinner. I love having people to cook for and I had a new favorite recipe I wanted to share- pasta with sausage and roasted tomatoes. SO GOOD. We had a lot of fun (and we got to show off the new house! Always a plus!)

Griffin is currently going through a fear of strangers phase. When Jacqui came over, he screamed hysterically when I had to leave them in the same room for a second. When Kate and Letty came, he buried his face in my shoulder for the first part of the visit. He eventually warmed up to them, and he even played games with Kate, but he’s definitely out of his comfort zone with new faces. He’s even been shy around my parents! I hope he gets over that soon- especially since my grandmother is SO excited to see him at Christmas!


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