Adventurous Eater

Griffin has become quite curious about the food Drew and I eat. While he’ll still eat his baby food, he whines at the table until I give him a few bites of whatever I have. Yesterday he tried chocolate chip pancakes, toast, chicken soup, and pasta. Today he tried eggs, hash browns crackers, and rice. He loved ALL of it. It’s super cute watching him try new things but it’s also really exciting to have him be so open to new flavors. We’ll continue to expand his horizons and I hope he continues to enjoy it all!

Griffin actually allowed me to have a really relaxing Sunday. Though he woke up at 5:30, I brought him into our bed and he immediately fell asleep for another hour and a half after nursing. Laying in a quiet bed until nearly 7 is unheard of in our household these days so it was quite the luxury. Then he took two extra long naps today. I actually also took a nap during one of them. It was awesome! When he was awake, he was super sweet, happy, and low key. Such a good kid!

We went hiking this afternoon at Mount Galbreith Park, a pretty spot in the foothills about a mile from our house. Drew and Griffin have been there a few times before on their days off together and Drew was excited to introduce me to it. It was gorgeous and we had a great time. Unfortunately, the higher we went, the more snow and ice were on the trail, so we couldn’t go all the way up with Griff in the bjorn. I’m looking forward to doing the whole trail up to the peak in the spring!

yes, they are cute. though I was mad at Drew for forgetting G’s hat.

pretty trail

G with his favorite tree

Griffin insisted on a family photo

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