This afternoon Drew was ordered to work overtime to help assist in the possible mass arrests between Occupy Denver protesters and Broncos fans. I’m never happy when he gets called into these situations. We’re left completely clueless as to when he’ll be relieved and allowed to return home, only to have to immediately return to work again. And as well trained as I know he is, I always worry that this could be the one time things get out of hand. That you get the one disturbed person amidst the peaceful protesters that turns everything chaotic- that starts the violence- that gets someone hurt. Luckily Drew ended up getting out of it at the last minute. He got to see his boy before bedtime, he stayed safe and warm, he got to watch the Bronco game, he’ll get to go to bed at a normal hour.

And what a Bronco game it was! I am not what anyone would consider a football fan, but I have to admit, Tebow is exciting to watch- especially when he pulls out a win like tonight’s. Even I was cheering by the end- we’re lucky Griffin didn’t wake up!
Thanksgiving is a week from today!!! I seriously can not wait. My mom and I chatted for an hour tonight about what she will make, what we will bring, how fun it will be to have everyone together and how much more exciting things are in general now that Griffin is around! I am in charge of the appetizers, cornbread souffle, cranberry relish and the nutella cheesecake pumpkin muffins. YAY! We also get to pick Brian up at the airport on Thanksgiving morning. It will be so great for him to hang out with G again! Starting next weekend, I am setting up Santa’s Workshop in our office and I will be madly putting together Christmas gifts for a month. Does it get any better??

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